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Age of Decadence - Choices & Consequences

by Dhruin, 2009-06-08 23:17:57

In lieu of the combat demo, which isn't yet ready, Vince has kicked up a detailed quest example at the official forums, using over a dozen screens to illustrate.  Here's the setup:

Today's sermon is dedicated to quest design and choices & consequences. Those who followed the game in general and the Let's Play thread in particular will be familiar with the events. Long story short:

- you're trying to get an audience with Lord Antidas, which isn't easy because you're a nobody
- Dellar, the captain of Antidas' guards, has offered you two opportunities to prove yourself and do something he doesn't want to waste his own men on.
- Feng, a not entirely trustworthy loremaster, has asked you to get rid of a rival recently invited by Lord Antidas.

So, overall, it's a simple "kill a rival" quest. Naturally, it comes with a double-cross opportunity, so now it's a "which loremaster to choose" dilemma, which poses a question: what's the damn difference? Allow me to illustrate.

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