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Overlord II - E3 Preview @ IGN

by Magerette, 2009-06-09 17:38:44

IGN has put up a short preview giving their impressions of the XBox 360 demo provided by Codemasters at E3 for their upcoming title, Overlord II, in development by Triumph Studios:

The four minion types are still around and control largely the same as the first Overlord game. Only the brown berserker minions are accessible in the demo. To get through these opening moments, you'll need to harvest enough life force to make a small army of these minions and smash your way through to a boss fight with a yeti. In doing so, you get your first look at the new mounts. For the sequel, your minions can ride things such as catapults or ships. In the demo, it's wolves that the brown minions ride maniacally.

Codemasters is promising a much funnier game this time around. If that turns out to be true we could be in for a treat since the first one definitely had its chuckle inducing moments. Overlord II is out in just a few weeks so we'll know for sure shortly...


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