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Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy - Review @ VGBlogger

by Dhruin, 2009-06-10 12:35:06

Our own Mike Anderson pops up at VGBlogger for a review of Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy.  The rating is "Try it" and here's a bit on needing to be efficient:

That is correct - it is possible to eventually control the entire world but fail to capture the mage and therefore fail at your task. This ties into the overall sense of success and failure throughout the game. At the end of each stage you get a rating - this is fairly typical in a strategy-RPG game, but in Elven Legacy it has broader implications than in most other games. I have read rants by folks about this, but really, it is so thoroughly integrated into the game I cannot see the point of the complaints. The bottom line is this - you need to complete your missions quickly and efficiently. If you do so you are rewarded with bonus missions, if not you are penalized by not only missing out on added content but also suffering potential loss of the main game. Unlike Fantasy Wars which had four shorter campaigns, Elven Legacy has a three longer ones, making your choices even more important.

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