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Fallen Earth - Developer Journal part 4 @ Massively

by Myrthos, 2009-06-12 00:02:04

The fourth edition of Massively's Fallen Earth developer journals takes us through New Flagstaff University, and was written by Wes Platt, Content Team Lead for Fallen Earth.

The campus was established by GlobalTech in the Northfields section of the Grand Canyon Province soon after the megacorp took over the national park from the federal government. A prominent and well-funded university, NFU provided top-notch scientific research and experimentation programs. In the century since the Fall, the school-like the great city that yielded its name-has crumbled into disrepair. However, it still contains equipment that's useful for scientific tinkering.
The Shiva's Favored, mutants who are bent on shaping the Province to their liking, have holed up here with a crazed scientist named Dr. Eddings, who has enlisted a small army of mutants to defend his lab. That lab includes a gas-powered centrifuge needed to create radioactive material needed for a bomb.

Players who visit the barter town of New Flagstaff in Northfields will start their journey to NFU by completing a mission sequence in a sewer system known as the Underworks, where friendly mutants known as Underfolk dwell. Eventually, you're informed that the Shiva's Favored are hard at work creating material they need for a dirty bomb to further wreck the climate for humankind, while making it more amenable to their own needs.

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