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SW: TOR - E3 Impressions @ MMORPG

by Myrthos, 2009-06-13 22:44:45

The impressions the staff of MMORPG got while looking at The Old Republic can be found here.

The Old Republic looks and feels far more like a single player RPG than an MMO. The quests they showed could have been straight out of Mass Effect. They were fully voice acted – in fact the entirety of The Old Republic is voiced – and cinematic in nature. This includes the player character, who responds with a dialogue wheel, virtually identical to the on Bioware used in Mass Effect.

The dialogue choices people make are important too. The entire E3 demo was set up to make each group through take a divergent path.

In each demo, they’d run through a quest on screen. The players, on the dark side, were on a ship that had been ordered to undertake a very dangerous, likely suicidal mission. The captain of the ship had refused, so the players were tasked with changing his mind.

Through dialogue, the players could either try to convince the Captain to do the right thing and listen to his superiors, or just simply kill him and take over the ship.

Each group had to decide whether to kill or convince the Captain and according to the Bioware guys, this totally changed the course of what happened next. Of course, they only showed each one side. In our group, people voted to spare the captain (I didn’t!) and he was convinced to change course and enter the battle, which eventually led to a nice duel with a Jedi.

While the dialogue system looks and feels a lot like Mass Effect, it is important to note that it is expanded for MMOs. In that demonstration, there were two members in the group and both had chances to talk, and presumably shape the outcome of the conversation. They’ve made dialogue multiplayer.

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