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Allods - The Music Interview

by Myrthos, 2009-06-15 21:02:18

On the Allods Online site an interview can be found with the two music composers from Nival Online; Mark Morgan and Vladislav Isaev.

The music in Allods Online is influenced by a variety of styles, where did this come from and what was your inspiration for the music in the game?

The music in Allods Online combines lots of different elements and styles. These range from dark ambient and ethnic music, symphonies and rock music, as well as various industrial noises. Some tracks in the game retain a Russian melody spirit combined with high a quality production and its own unique sound.

For example, in Xadaganian locations of the game, the melody of the “Mayak” radio helped set a specific tone to the region. The Xadagan capital is filled with many small elements which should remind the players of totalitarian states, as pictured in many fantastic and sci-fi movies.

We combined any and all possible styles, methods and trends during the creation of the musical part of the Allods Online project. There is a lot of contrast between locations, races and so on in the game. We have worked hard to make the game as immersive and pleasurable as possible for players.

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