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WoW: Vivendi Reaping WoW Rewards @ Gamespot

by Inauro, 2006-07-27 23:06:00
Gamespot has a short piece on how the success of World of Warcraft is benefitting Blizzard's parent company Vivendi.
Virtually every sector of Vivendi's extensive television and telecommunications holdings saw increased profit. However, no sector saw bigger growth than Vivendi Games, which is the owner of Blizzard and the recipient of the buckets of ducats that WOW generates. The division took in 162 million euros ($206 million) for the April-June quarter, an increase of 29.6 percent over its Q2 2005 income. The first half of 2006 saw Vivendi Games' gross haul add up to 296 million euros ($376.4 million), an increase of 24.4 percent over the previous year.
Source: Gamespot

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