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Allods - Astral Space

by Myrthos, 2009-06-17 21:08:05

Some new information about the astral space from Allods Online was published today (see the announcement below). In addition there are 6 new screens and 3 pieces of artwork in our gallery and a new video has been released.

Here is the press release:

DUBLIN - June 16, 2009 - Allods Online is the upcoming free-to-play AAA MMORPG developed by Nival Online, the makers of Heroes of Might & Magic V, and published by Gala Networks Europe on the gPotato.eu Portal in Autumn 2009. The gPotato Team is proud to unveil information about the Astral Space today, a defining feature and important part of the gameplay in Allods Online, taking its inspiration from the best elements of space opera.

The Astral Space is a mystical substance holding the allods together, islands formed from the shattered remains of the planet Sarnaut. The Astral is an evolving and changing place, just like a living being, and can be seen moving from the surface of each allod. Thanks to the discovery of Astral Ship technology, people can now travel through it, conducting commerce, conquest, discovery and combat throughout the Astral, while trying to avoid the lurking dangers that it contains, mainly in the form of Astral Demons and Storms.

Astral Travel is facilitated by Astral Ships that can be controlled and crewed by dozens of players, helped by goblins technicians dedicated to the maintenance of mechanical functions. Players on an Astral ship have dedicated roles, such as the Navigator finding its way through the Astral, the Engineer in charge of the repairs and the shields, or the Shooters controlling the ships arsenal of cannons. Each of them need to be at the ready the whole time to face enemies like Astral Demons as well as other player controlled ships trying to board them up close or destroy them from a distance.

Astral travel, exploration and combat is a hugely important part of Allods Online's gameplay, making this game truly unique by combining the best elements of space opera, a high-fantasy universe and high production values. Further information on the PvP elements and Astral Battles will be released over the next few weeks and months. Until then, stay tuned to the official Allods Online website at http://allods.gpotato.eu , and keep an eye on the portal to read about the history of Allods Online.

For further information check out their own information page.

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