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CD Projekt RED - The Witcher 2 Un-Confirmed?

by Dhruin, 2009-06-22 23:24:20

The Witcher site has the following message, correcting the recent news via Polish CD Action magazine that confirmed two titles in development - I assume this is the confirmation of The Witcher 2 story we recently linked.  Here's the correction:

We just wanted to clear up some recent media reports concerning new projects being prepared by CD Projekt RED and Metropolis by noting that the news confirming the two games was a misunderstanding and is not true. The statement from Michał Kiciński published in the last issue of CD-Action magazine was a bit awkwardly edited, significantly changing its meaning. Below you’ll find Michał’s comment on the situation:

'The interview was edited by CD-Action without informing me, and after the changes the meaning of my answer concerning our studios’ future plans became significantly distorted. I realize I could have expressed myself more clearly; this is my mistake, and should not have happened, as I’ve been doing interviews for quite some time and I’m careful with such details. However, the fact is that the question was edited and accompanied with an editorial lead that is not a quote from my statement (and which directly speaks about The Witcher’s sequel), distorted the issue of next RED’s project and caused quite a big confusion. Regardless of whose fault it is (a bit of mine as well), I’d like to apologize for the confusion (and also for the fact that this response did not appear as quick, as it should have). As for the most interesting thing – namely our future projects – you’ll still need to wait for official statements.’

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