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Fallen Earth - Developer Journal part 5 @ Massively

by Myrthos, 2009-06-23 21:15:24

In their last developer journal on Fallen Earth content designer Grace Hagood, leads us into the Needle Eye Research Facility, a warren full of Throwbacks and Sporekil to show us the various levels in Fallen Earth, their storylines and how they make the player experience richer.

When the citizens of war-torn Old Kingman fled Casta Gaunt's raiders, they expected to find refuge in the farming community of Needle Eye. Fearing reprisals from the raiders, the leaders of Needle Eye closed their doors to the refugees. Shut out from the safety of town, the exiles face a host of problems: mutated monsters, fungal blight, kidnappings, and waning food supplies. Can the solutions be found in the old GlobalTech lab near the wheat fields? Are you brave enough to find out?

Originally, the level was a sprawling complex that we referred to as the Throwback Warrens. Players entered a cave-like opening and traveled through dirt-walled tunnels that opened up into part of a research lab and then returned to more tunnels and finally a bit more lab. Because there were no doors that could conceivably lead to the surface, the level itself really made no sense. Given the name, unsurprisingly, it was filled with Throwbacks, mutant humanoids who vaguely resembled cavemen or "throwbacks to an earlier time."

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