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Soldak Entertainment - Looking for Feedback on Next Game

by Dhruin, 2009-06-23 22:30:28

Steven Peeler from Soldak (Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld) dropped us a line to say he is designing their next game and is looking for feedback.  Here's some background:

Well I've started working on the design of the next game and as I have promised before I'm going to try to be more open during the process. This is not an official announcement or anything because it's always possible I will change focus. However as of right now, our next game is going to be more of a hardcore, realtime dungeon crawl (hardcore compared to Kivi that is).

It's going to be an action RPG that is going to take some elements from Depths of Peril (no covenants though) and some from Kivi's Underworld. I'm thinking of having some of the key features revolve around random elements (controlled randomness), a very dynamic world, and lots of smaller game mechanics that can interact to result in some more emergent gameplay than is usual in an action RPG.

...and this thread links to some previous related conversations.  I enjoyed the hell out of Depths of Peril, so hopefully the new game includes some cool ideas.

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