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Overlord II - Review @ bit-tech.net

by Magerette, 2009-06-26 17:33:41

UK tech site bit-tech.net posts their review for Triumph Studios' and Codemasters' recently released sequel, Overlord II, giving it a very positive 8/10:

Overlord II is a game which satisfies several urges that most people will feel at least at some points in their lives. For a start, the urge to smash stuff up. Whether you’re a closet smasher, an occasional social smasher or a fully blown, self confessed lover of smashing things, Overlord II has you comprehensively covered.

It also satisfies that urge we lowly mortals sometimes get to play God. Maybe some people would rather be sitting up in the clouds firing golden love arrows about rather than be perched on a stone throne in the depths of hell controlling goblins, but it's still great fun hoofing around with a shedload of little bleeders scurrying at your ankles, happy to follow your every whimsical command.

Most people also like to laugh too, and Overlord II is a very funny game. 


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