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Overlord II - Interview @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2009-06-29 18:55:07

Overlord II has barely hit the shelves, and Strategy Informer reports in an interview with Creative Director Lennert Sas, that DLC has already been planned and should be announced soon. They also discuss some other aspects of the game:

Strategy Informer: The entire game revolves around being evil. Is that why there’s so much slapstick humour? Is it to counteract all the evildoing?

Lennart Sas: Well first off, we enjoy games and one of the key things we think is missing from games is humour. If you look at television shows or movies, there’s always a big slice of the pie taken up by comedies, but with games (the slice is) tiny. We thought humour would work well with this type of game because being an overlord is cool, but at the same time it’s really grim. We don’t really want people to aspire to be someone who burns villages, clubs baby seals and things like that, so the only way we could make this premise work was by making it tongue-in-cheek. The premise and the dark humour go hand in hand.

On the proposed DLC:

Strategy Informer: Can you tell us about your plans for DLC?

Lennart Sas: We’re actually working on that now and it’ll be announced soon.

Strategy Informer: We can’t convince you to give us any details on that yet then?

Lennart Sas: Erm…no!

Source: Blues News

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