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Fallen Earth - Bosses and NPCs

by Myrthos, 2009-07-01 00:01:07

The Fallen Earth developer journal on MMORPG is about the names of bosses and NPCs in the game.

Boss/Creature Names

  • Arbiter Reinhold Coleman: The leader of the villainous Judges in the Central Plains. He's a Judge and his first name is Reinhold. Inspired by actor Judge Reinhold.
  • "Dr. Corman," the evil Tech boss that players have to fight in Watchtower, owes his name to horror director Roger Corman.
  • "Dr. Eddings" is a mad scientist who leads the Shiva's Favored inside New Flagstaff University. His name is an homage to the late fantasy author, David Eddings.
  • "Shifty Devlin" is a Traveler thug whose last name is an homage to "Independence Day"/"Stargate" writer Dean Devlin.
  • "Dennis Conroy" is a Union leader in New Flagstaff whose last name was inspired by Pat Conroy, author of "The Lords of Discipline" and "The Great Santini."

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