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Overlord II - Review @ Action Trip

by Magerette, 2009-07-07 19:10:21

Action Trip's Ure "Vader" Paul reviews the XBox 360 edition of Overlord II, the recently released Overlord sequel from Codemasters and Triumph Studios, and gives it a 7.2/10:

There are several features you are going to enjoy in Overlord II right from the beginning. The likable and funny characters, beautifully designed environments and more or less pleasing gameplay. It's all rather basic, mind you. The first game seemed unique, especially when compared to all the shooters, strategies and other corny releases that flooded the gaming scene at the time. Overlord II appears to be delivering the same kind of experience, albeit that feeling soon changes as you play.


If you are prepared to forgive the devs for the many technical downsides, you might just lose yourself in the rich and creative virtual world of Overlord II. Rich content is on offer, along with nearly 20 hours of play time (that's counting the side-quests, I believe). From our experience though, this game brings no improvements whatsoever over its predecessor. In fact, none of the humor and delightful characters in it cannot[sic] divert our belief that this game spoiled a once fun and inventive franchise.

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