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Kivi's Underworld - Final Thoughts @ Twenty Sided

by Dhruin, 2009-07-15 13:18:59

Twenty Sided's Shamus Young gets back to Kivi's Underworld after starting some thoughts a couple of weeks back:

The greatest weakness of the game is that expectations work against it. I looked at the game and expected “Diablo” style play, and was then frustrated by the lack of character development, inventory, or complex spells. But that’s not what this game is trying to be. It just looks like one of those. It’s a short lunchtime diversion. A quick round of scoring points and bashing stuff up for fun. It’s closer to Swarm than to Fantasy-Themed Isometric Hack-n-Slash III. In keeping with this “quick round” mentality, the game starts almost instantly and is basically free of any sort of loading-screen nonsense.

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Kivi's Underworld

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