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Overlord II - Review @ GameVisions

by Magerette, 2009-07-17 17:34:14

Another review of Overlord II shows up at GameVisions. This one is four pages of text and screenshots and while noting some flaws, they seem generally pretty pleased with it, giving it an overall score of 84%:

The beauty of the game is the tactical pacing, though. Most scenes play out like a puzzle of sorts, and using each of your minion classes is the key to getting through. Sometimes there are physical obstacles, some are created by the presence of enemies, some involve finding your way to the switch to activate or door or bridge. In all cases, using your minions in the right way to solve the situation requires some careful thought and planning. In this way the game plays as a semi-puzzle strategy game with action, and makes it the only example I can think of in that genre.


Despite several giant misses with regard to the new additions in the game, the good news is Overlord II does exactly what most of us familiar with the first game hoped it would do. It provides more Overlording fun! I wish the weapon upgrade system were a bit more open, as it was in the first game, and I certainly wish the parodies and humor would return to their original form, but overall, it's the gameplay and environment that drives the game, and while a bit more dry than last time, it's still the only thing out there quite like it... If you loved Overlord, you'll definitely appreciate its successor.

Source: Blues News

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