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Darkfall Online - Re-Review @ Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 2009-07-18 01:04:33

Despite Adventurine withdrawing their support for Eurogamer to re-review Darkfall after their controversial first critique, Kieron Gillen has gone ahead, anyway.  The result is a lengthy 4-page piece that includes some commentary on the overall situation.  Ultimately, Kieron finds some value in their concepts but the overall execution results in a 4/10:

The rules lead to openly silly places. Playing in the small clan I joined, I found myself defending against an interloper. Running back from my adventuring in armour, I glanced at my fellows and felt terribly over-dressed. Because - y'know - I was dressed. Everyone else had stripped down to their underpants.

It's logical enough. It's a relatively meaningless battle. As such, going into battle and risking someone dying and taking stuff you've carefully collected - or, even worse, actually crafted - would be foolish. Why risk taking a random shot, falling, the opponent nabbing it and legging off? Better not to risk anything other than your default, infinitely-respawnable weapons.

This is a world where, if you're expecting trouble, it's reasonable to strip down to your pants. This is stupid beyond all mortal belief.

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