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Neverend: Review @ ComputerGames.ro

by Dhruin, 2006-07-29 23:33:00
Neverend has been <a href="http://www.computergames.ro/site/p/articles/o/review/lng/en/artid/789/" target="_blank">reviewed</a> at ComputerGames.ro . The score is 56/100 and despite a strong story being noted, a litany of complaints brings the game down:<blockquote><em>Neverend is comprised of two parts: adventure and combat. When Agavaen visits important locations in the game, Neverend turns into an adventure with pre-rendered backgrounds (some look really good by the way) where you control the character only with the keyboard. You can interact with the environment using the mouse cursor, which changes according to the action you can take (use, look, enter etc). Outside towns, the control is still keyboard bound, but the perspective switches to a top-down one. I could have ignored the fact that therea "!s no zoom function, the camera cana "!t be rotated and the mouse is basically useless IF the producers would have implemented a mini-map or at least a map for the entire land. The lack of a map will be quite frustrating the first few hours, when youa "!ll get lost fairly often and as a result will have to memorize every screen of the game. Ita "!s even more frustrating not knowing where you are or where you have to go, having to quit the game to check a .jpg map (Neverend doesna "!t get along with the concept of Alt-Tab) a  a map which after a while becomes useless since it only shows the important locations in the game.</em></blockquote>

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