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Torchlight - Interview @ PC Games

by Dhruin, 2009-07-24 23:16:53

Runic Games' PR guy "Wonder Russel" fronts up for an interview with German site PC Games.de, though fortunately, an English version is on offer.  If you recall, this is lead by Travis Baldree of FATE and Mythos fame.  Since "dark and gritty" has been a topic of conversation, here's a suitable quote:

pcgames.de: You're using a very unique graphics style in this game. Why didn't you pick a dark, sinister setting?

Russel: Thanks! Hopefully by "unique” you mean "brilliant”. We do get this question a lot and I think it's really simple. We're not making a dark, sinister, oppressive game...it's a fun, fast-paced adventure. We want to make this new Torchlight universe one that people want to spend some time in and explore. Color isn't something to be afraid of...nor does grey, grit, and semi-realism make something "better”. Ultimately, you have to go with the visual look that best suits the game. And for us it meant working in a style that appeals to us, suits the tone of the world we're creating, and is inviting and accessible for players. Now, it's not to say that we aren't going for dark and sinister in certain areas, creatures, or with gear...we've hit those marks...we just do it with a bit of color and exaggeration!

Source: Blues News

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