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Alpha Protocol - Preview @ Alpha Protocol

by Dhruin, 2009-08-05 22:35:08

Prime Junta writes in to point out an excellent preview of Alpha Protocol.  The piece seems convinced by the choices and different outcomes, although they do note mundane art and some kludgy writing.  Here's a snippet:

Adaptation to your play-style, not punishment. In fact, Alpha Protocol could even be said to be rewarding you for playing however you like. While clearly this is only one example, if Obsidian can stretch this philosophy across all 30-odd hours of the game (which sounds short for an RPG, but the 120 hours of dialogue hint at huge scope for replay) it could achieve something role-playing developers have been chasing in vain for years: a game that's truly shaped by you, not one that simply tumbles into arbitrary good, bad, and somewhere-in-the-middle.

While we're talking Alpha Protocol, Destructoid has another short article teased from a larger Chris Avellone conversation.  This time, Chris is talking about sex in games.

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