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Alpha Protocol - Full Interview @ Destructoid

by Dhruin, 2009-08-06 21:59:48

Destructoid has been teasing their Chris Avellone interview for a few days now but they finally have the full conversation online.  Here's a sample:

Destructoid: How important is the story to Alpha Protocol? Is the writing particularly involved, or does gameplay come first?

Avellone: The story is gameplay -- the alliances/enemies you make in the game effect missions, respect, endgame choices, reactivity, and also special perks for your character as well. Interaction with a character in the game is a game system and gameplay in itself, which was our goal. We didn't want the story or dialog to be divorced from the missions or gameplay. The debriefing screens alone are pretty amazing for tracking reactivity, and people tend to pour over them to see all the consequences of their actions -- both immediate and long-term.

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