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Darkfall Online - The Siege of Andruk

by Myrthos, 2009-08-11 21:50:01

For all those who do not know too much about Darkfall Online an interesting article about how a siege works in Darkfall can be found at Massively.

We were all down by the bank, grabbing the last minute stuff we would need. Then the call came in: enemies spotted coming up the ramp, heading towards the east side of the city. "The ramp," as it's affectionately called, is the main way up to the city. Our entire city is built on a rock cliff with only one way in our out -- the ramp. It makes it easy to find enemies coming towards the city, but the incoming troops almost always still attempt to circle around to the back and use a spell called telekinesis to push people up and over the walls.

But as they rounded the city and everyone unleashed a volley of arrows and spells, one of the guard towers exploded with a fire spell. Our defenders came running out -- on fire -- all trying to get away from being burnt to death. Out from the lunacy strode a member of Sinister, one of the best clans in the game. "Someone paid someone off," said one of the other defenders over Ventrilo.

More Sinister members appeared in Blackrock's ranks, as well as members of DIE. Outside of our walls, Necessary Evil showed up and began killing anyone who ran out of the city -- taking advantage of the situation by culling the weakened. Andruk was decending into chaos as our members were falling and we were being pushed back.


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