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Mass Effect - Game Changers @ RandomNPC

by Dhruin, 2009-08-14 00:08:26

A site called RandomNPC calls Mass Effect a "game changer" for opening the door for more detailed sex scenes in games:

To understand the significance of the sex scenes in Mass Effect, you have to put the game in its proper historical context. Before Mass Effect, mainstream RPGs didn’t have sex scenes. Sex played a role in these games, of course, but it was always implied. Sometimes characters married and had children, like in Lufia II, the Harvest Moon series, Grandia 1 and 3, and Final Fantasy X-2, and there was a pregnant teen in Final Fantasy VI. Sometimes the game simply had wink-and-nudge fade-to-black cutscenes, like those in the Fallout series, Wild Arms 2, the Fable games, and The Witcher. Alternatively, the dialogue or narration had lines that suggested that something more had happened; Final Fantasy VII had a possible implied sexual encounter between Tifa and Cloud, and Persona 3 and 4 both had simple lines about characters spending the night together. Most blatantly, Xenogears showed two different couples at different times naked in bed. Similarly, non-RPGs like God of War, Metal Gear Solid 3, and the Grand Theft Auto series employed visual puns and fade-to-black techniques to cover sex scenes, and Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit) had an explicit sex scene that was removed from the US version.

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