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DS 2: Broken World - Hands On @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2006-07-31 22:27:00
IGN takes an updated hands-on look at DS2: Broken World, based on a larger preview build from Gas Powered Games:
You start out at a Dyrad village and will gather together a party there -- a maximum of four members. At the beginning, your choices are sharpshooters, melee fighters, sorcerers and mages. I couldn't find any proper healers in the area, but my Fist of Stone main character was able to fill in the gaps here and there, and healing potions are relatively cheap to come by. Several of your choices are characters from DS2, but they're only skilled up in one ability tree (or at least this was the case in the preview build). I spent some timing choosing spells, getting my formation right, checking the vendors for good gear, and gathering side quests before I went into the fray.

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