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WoW - The Magazine

by Woges, 2009-08-20 21:06:03

Ars Technica talk to Future Publishing who are about to release a dedicated WoW print (shock) mag.

The print business is, to put it lightly, troubled at the moment. Ads are hard to come by, readership is down, and both magazines and newspapers are tightening their belts at an alarming rate. So why not begin a new print magazine dedicated to gaming? In fact, dedicated to one game. One online-only game. Future Publishing is hoping to do just that, with World of Warcraft: The Magazine. Clearly, there is much to be skeptical about, but the team behind the magazine makes a strong case for a publication of this type. Here's the scoop on how they plan to sidestep the issues of traditional magazine publishing and still make a profit.

"This won't be driven by advertising; it's based on a print-on-demand format. We will launch the subscription website on Friday, monitoring who is subscribing in what language, and print that many copies exactly," John Gower, International Director of FuturePlus, told Ars. "This will be environmentally friendly—no waste." This print on demand format allows them to keep publishing costs as low as possible, and releasing magazines to subscribers only—no newsstand—will make sure no copies get thrown away.

Source: Blues News

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