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Two Worlds II - Antaloor Post #2

by Dhruin, 2009-08-21 23:00:26

Zuxxez sent us the second Antaloor Post newsletter for 2009, which offers an interview and details about the development of Two Worlds II.  Motion capture, player workshops, water pipes and the savannah are the main topics, while the interview sees Mirek Dymek talking about the factions:

AP: Can you tell us more about the factions, Mirek?
Mirek: There will be five different main factions in the game. Three are official and easily found - but the other two operate in the underground and the player will have to infiltrate it to find them. Players can freely decide the faction they want to belong to - but each group has its own individual quest and reputation system. In the Single Player mode, the player can become the head of a particular faction.

For those that don't subscribe, PrinceOfDeath points out the .pdf can be downloaded from Two Worlds Vault (direct link). 

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