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Jumpgate Evolution - Q&A and Screens

by Myrthos, 2009-08-24 21:30:22

MMORPG has an overview of the answers given to questions forum forum members about Jumpgate Evolution.

OP by Sykosys000: I am an Octavian pilot. If I constantly get in the way of other friendly pilots to block their shots (knowing I am immune), is this considered an exploit?

Hermann Peterscheck: I suppose so. Basically, if you act in such a way to interfere with the play of others, that could be considered "griefing." It's a tricky barrier because on the one hand if you use something that we have written but on the other you don't want to start reducing the fun of the game in order to deal with outlier edge cases.

What I hope happens is that people are mature enough to not deliberately game systems in order to ruin the experience for others (assuming that is what you are referring to). Obviously there are always people who do that and all games have to deal with that. A lot of this has to do with intent and the effect it has on other players.

In addition they also have some new screens here.

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