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Black Prophecy - Behind the Scenes Part 3

by Myrthos, 2009-08-26 21:13:09

Creative Director Timo Krahl and Art Director Nick Ebenhoch talk in this third installement of the Behind te scenes series about Black Prophecy’s game design and graphics, their careers and personal interests.

In the beginning there is the game design document which is the operative collection of ideas and describes the overall construction of the game. Ideally this document is perfect in its first version, burned into titan plates and is then the bible of the further development process. However, this ideal case never happens and so the game design document is a small slimy and mean shapeshifter that has to be kept under control all the time. Now if you look at the “station docking” as a single feature you have to consider several factors: What kind of game am I doing? Simulation or action? Singleplayer or multiplayer? What are the technical possibilities? Which target group am I going for? How often will this feature be used? How did other developers solve this problem? Does it really benefit the game or is it just a „nice to have“?

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