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Allods - Beta Registration

by Myrthos, 2009-08-26 21:55:20

The registration for the closed beta of Allods Oline has just started.

Registration for the Allods Online Closed Beta Test are now open

 Players can now pre-register for the Allods Online Closed Beta this Autumn at gPotato.eu

DUBLIN, Ireland – August 25thAllods Online is the AAA fantasy and space opera MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival and published in French, English and German on the www.gpotato.eu games portal this Autumn. As the game moves closer to launch, gPotato Europe is proud to announce that registration for the Allods Online Closed Beta Test is now open to public at http://en.allods.gpotato.eu/ad/.

Developed by the Astrum Nival development team drawing on over a decade’s worth of experience on online development and a USD$12 million budget, Allods Online looks to set a new standard in the quality of free to play MMORPG. Set on the remains of the fantasy planet of Sarnaut, which exploded during its history, the six surviving races are scattered across archipelagos of floating islands known as allods. The games 1,500 varied quests at release unravel the mysteries of the planet’s past and intrigue, covering thousands of years of in-game history. By picking their allegiance from one of the 2 opposing factions, the League and the Empire, players can select from one of the 28 classes. With the best of traditional ground-based MMORPG gameplay that players expect from an AAA MMORPG, Allods Online raises the bar by giving high level players the Astral space, a dynamic environment ripe for exploration and ship based combat and voyages of discovery in their Astral battleships.

The Closed Beta Test will be kicking off in the upcoming weeks and the registration for this early test phase is now open. Beta access will be granted to selected players among the registered users, and more and more players will be able to enter the game throughout several phases of testing. Players who reach level 17 during the closed beta period will also be able to keep their character name and friend list for the launch of the game. Guild Leaders who reach level 21 and gather 24 members will also retain their Guilds into the Open Beta then further on to the release.

To sign up for the Allods Online Closed Beta Test, register for your free gPotato.eu account at http://en.gpotato.eu/Account/AccReg.aspx and pre-register at http://en.allods.gpotato.eu/ad/ .

It’s easy to follow Allods Online. The official European website has lots of information on the game’s history, development and background at http://allods.gpotato.eu . Facebook users can join the Allods community here and YouTubers can watch the Allods Channel at YouTube.com/Allods. You can also follow Allods Online on twitter at http://twitter.com/AllodsOnline_en. Further information on the CBT will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to gPotato.eu for more information.

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