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LotRO: Mines of Moria - Past & Present

by Myrthos, 2009-09-03 12:04:04

Ten Ton Hammer takes us through the past and present of The Lord of the Rings expansion Mines of Moria to show in what ways the game has changed.

Book 8 also introduced a new chapter to the epic storyline and some new and long awaited features to the game, and by long awaited I mean swift travel between Tinnudir and Eavespires in Evendim. If you haven't had the pleasure of swimming Lake Evendim a half dozen times or more times you truly can't appreciate what a blessing this is. There was nothing worse than having to take that 15 minute swim across the lake only to realize your quest sent you right back...and then back again with a stop midway across. It was maddening.

Aside from a ton of bug fixes and game adjustments, the crafting system got a big revamp. The level requirements on many items were changed and the optional ingredient for crafting items got reworked and now there are new optional items available. Guild crafting recipes have been added to help add to the variety of items you can make.

Moria is a great expansion and added a lot to LOTRO and Book 7 and 8 built onto the epic storyline and provided several new raids and instances of their own. With all three updates the crafting system gained an extra tier and got a major revamp while the games landmass was increased by a huge amount. Now much of the LOTRO community is enjoying the new content and anxiously awaiting the next major announcement, the news of an expansion that will bring us Helms Deep.

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