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Venetica - Review Flood

by Gorath, 2009-09-04 22:06:18

The first couple of reviews for Venetica have been published. The consensus is that the game is excellent but still plagued by a few technical issues. It's quite probable the reviewers didn't have the release patch though.

  • GamingXP - 88%
  • Looki and several other places - 86%
  • Krawall - 84% "We'll hardly get to see a more charming and more emotional RPG this year."
  • ComputerBildSpiele - 3.25 (comparable to a "C"), downgraded from 1.63 ("A-") due to technical problems. "Without the downgrading due to technical issues Venetica would be a wonderful game."
  • GameStar published a very detailed review based on their print article - 83% (Although the text sounds like more; it's very positive.)
    "The first half [is] phenomenal ..." "Venetica is fun from the very beginning. This is due to the terrific start, the fascinating story, the great quests and this wonderfully charming heroine." He continues to stress that Venetica is not as complex as other RPGs.


A small reminder: German review scores are usually slightly lower than those in the US. 80+% is good, 85+% very good and 90+% a masterpiece.

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