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Black Prophecy - Dev Diary: Faction and Ship Design

by Myrthos, 2009-09-04 23:33:59

In the second installment of the developer diaries at the Black Prophecy site , Art Director Nick Ebenhoch gives an overview of general faction and ship design.

Black Prophecy is settled about 550 years in the future. The goal was to create an optically realistic repertoire of ships, stations and other objects. Our inspiration were the classic 1980s sci-fi movies, where models were created by hand up to the last detail which would not be possible anymore nowadays with regards to development schedules. Examples would be the old Battlestar Galactica movies, Star Wars or single ships like e.g. the USS Sulaco from Alien. It was of great importance to us to not overdraw the design like it happened in the TV series “Andromeda”.

The ships in Black Prophecy, be it capital ships or small fighter, rarely have really flat, clear and curved surfaces and remind of the classic Star Destroyer from Star Wars. This serves the practical purpose of a ship which only holds limited space and avoids design gimmicks. The erratic surfaces make you curious to learn more about it and give the impression of a functional system. Important elements at the right places, e.g. reactors at the stern of a ship support these impressions. In addition to this, ships and stations are built modularly and can be adjusted or extended easily at any time.

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