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Fallen Earth - Interview @ Ten Ton HAmmer

by Myrthos, 2009-09-09 21:46:49

Ten Ton Hammer interviewed lead designer Lee Hammock about the recent open beta as well as what the studio has planned for the game after the official launch later this month.

Ten Ton Hammer: Faction choice can play a fairly large role in Fallen Earth. Have you been seeing any unexpected trends through the open beta in terms of certain factions being more popular than others?

Lee Hammock: So far it does seem to be leaning towards the Enforcers and the Techs which was surprising to us. If you took a poll a few months ago, the Travelers were always the top faction and now it’s changed to Techs and Enforcers which tend to be fairly equal, so we have been noticing that people have been skewing that way. They are kind of the easiest to get your head around.

The Enforcers are all about law and order, so that’s good, and they shoot guys – who doesn’t like that? Compared to the Chota, their arch nemesis who are the crazy guys with mohawks who hit people. So obviously one of them is really heroic, so you want to be that dude. The Chota do have some really heroic qualities in that they hate people being enslaved and they always hate people being pushed around, so you can play a ‘good guy’ Chota and it would be a really interesting character, it’s just not the character that’s evident when you look at the faction. You look at the faction and you see crazy barbarians, not the guy who champions the downtrodden because he doesn’t like people being pushed around.

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