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Alpha Protocol - MCA Interview @ X360 Magazine

by Dhruin, 2009-09-09 23:45:22

Chris Avellone has done an interview for X360 Magazine, primarily discussing the story and related elements for Alpha Protocol.  On the dialogue system:

How does storytelling work in tandem with the gameplay in Alpha Protocol? Is the dialogue stance system only used at certain times, or do you communicate with all characters in this way? What benefits are there to this system?

There are two cinematic deliveries in Alpha Protocol – one is strictly cut scenes (no interactivity, usually intros and outros to a level), but for any sequence where you have a conversation with a character (whether by phone, PDA, video screen, or direct confrontation), then the stance system comes into play and you choose your way through the conversation by choosing a mood (suave, aggressive, professional, or an action – like shooting someone in the knee, hanging up on them, or smashing their head into a table).

The benefits to the system is that it reinforces that the urgency and the attitude of the player character (we’re making a covert ops action title, like 24, and having to make quick, instinctual decisions or trying to pry someone’s hidden agenda out of them) is important in the dialogue mechanic, as well as giving more action-based players a chance to pull a Jack Bauer when they want to. 

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