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Interplay - Bethsoft Sues for Copyright Infringement

by Dhruin, 2009-09-13 11:00:34

A couple of readers have written in about Bethsoft's lawsuit against Interplay, apparently overlooking our post on MMOWatch.  Additional details have surfaced, anyway, so here we go for RPGWatch readers.

Bethsoft has launched a suit against Interplay with a number of complaints.  First up, while Interplay was permitted to sell the Fallout back catalogue, they allegedly failed to obtain the required authorisation for the packaging and promotional materials.  The name "Fallout Trilogy" is also an issue, as Bethsoft believes this implies Fallout 3 is included.  Further, Interplay's agreements with digital distributors such as GOG and Steam is another issue.

Finally, Bethsoft wants a determination against the continued development of Fallout Online (aka Project V13) because they believe the license conditions have been broken, namely that certain levels of funding and "full scale development" were not in place by last April as required.

Full details can be found at The Vault or Gamasutra.

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