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Fallen Earth - Preview @ MMORPG

by Myrthos, 2009-09-15 23:36:20

While at PAX the MMORPG.com team was given a tour through Fallen Earth, of which you can find the article here.

Fallen Earth is as "real" as a game can be. Horses have to be fed and stabled, vehicles have to be fueled and garaged. In keeping with this realism, player characters are clones and when they are killed in combat, unless their team mates have the ability to resurrect them in the field, they are re-cloned in the closes lab (LifeNet pod) from copies of their genetic material. The death mechanic is tuned specifically to discourage players from jumping into PvP and dying again and again. Players first start off with a small XP penalty - a slow-down on the earning of XP. If they die again within the first five minutes, that timer is extended, then a player can find that his stats begin to decrease and the length of time those stats remain depressed lengthens.

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