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Frayed Knights - Skull-Drudgery

by Dhruin, 2009-09-20 01:08:14

Jay is a little frustrated with progress on Frayed Knights, in this update called Skull Drudgery:

Some weeks, it feels like my progress on Frayed Knights is inexcusably slow. This was one of those weeks. Much of this last week has been devoted to a skull.

One. Frickin'. Skull.

And poetry.


See, I've been working on a little bit of "black triangle" stuff again. While I'd hoped to just start populating dungeons with all kinds of stuff, I've found myself having to go back and support a lot of new functionality. This is because I'm not satisfied just throwing a bunch of combat encounters in my dungeons and calling it done. I figure if that's all somebody wanted to do, they'll be playing Diablo III or something like that.

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