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Deathspank - Preview @ Eurogamer

by Woges, 2009-09-21 18:56:54

Eurogamer have taken a look at Deathspank.

Watching Gilbert play through some of the more dungeon-crawler moments suggests this other half of the game isn't looking too bad either. During DeathSpank's crunchy cartoon combat it starts to become apparent that, although the plot is cheerily moronic and the characters are drooling hunchbacked ninnies, Hothead's game is rather serious when it comes to its mechanics. Seconds after DeathSpank crests a hill to find a group of wide-eyed trolls capering about, Gilbert pauses the action and a huge inventory screen pops into view, filled with dozens of item slots. Each face button is configurable to any of your weapons (although platforms have yet to be announced, Gilbert was playing using a 360 controller) and there are decent armour options, too.

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