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Fallen Earth - Development Journal

by Myrthos, 2009-09-21 23:32:29

A development journal with Fallen Earth Art Director Chris Deavellar talking about the things that were done to give the game an apocalyptic feel is to be found at Curse.com.

The last major improvement was to look at the buildings as real-world structures, considering their degradation over the years. The artists are taking a lot of time to add in broken bricks and siding, busted walls and floors, and to make these buildings look run down. Adding this kind of detail can be a laborious process, but we can make improve speed and efficiency using a technique called “kit bashing.” In kit bashing, we use pieces of other models repeatedly. In the early stages of improving our structures, each detail is created from scratch, keeping in mind that many of those details will be repurposed later in other structures. Once a few buildings are complete, we repurpose pieces from them to drop into another building. Broken brick walls, destroyed roofs, and decayed siding are some of the different things we'll use between models to save time while creating a great looking building.

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