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Knights of the Chalice - v1.20 Update

by Dhruin, 2009-09-28 11:36:52

BlueSalamander let us know he has updated Knights of the Chalice to v1.20.  Here are the notes:

1) Attacks will be recorded as “Attack Bonus + D20 Result = Attack Roll” in the rolls history window
2) Added a new high resolution text font for the help entries, load screen and rolls history window.
3) Added new options regarding random encounters, skipping after left-clicking the enemy, and critical hits.
4) Corrected a spelling mistake “tresspassing”
5) Fixed the inventory display bug and the other minor display issues associated with the new 960x720(b) mode.
6) Fixed bug when talking to the bear right after resting.

I’d like to:
- add a simplified Turn Undead for clerics.
- add a new spell animation for Bless.

Looking forward to that Turn Undead.

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