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Jumpgate Evolution - Interview & Screens

by Myrthos, 2009-09-28 22:01:25

MMORPG.com brings us an interview with NetDevil's Scott Brown about the visuals and sound of Jumpgate Evolution, together with some screens.

The Mission system is receiving an overhaul so that players aren’t presented with large paragraphs of text they have to read through. Instead, the mission will be delivered in a series of steps with much shorter text messages popping up at different stages. This was to involve the player more, to create a more immersive experience as the mission is no longer as straight forward as it may seem at first.

A voice-over system has been added at the newbie tutorial stage to help new players get into the game faster, so they are not presented with a bunch of text they have to read while trying to learn how to fly their ship, and an auto-docking system has been put into the game.

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