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Soldak Entertainment - Hybrid Class System #2

by Dhruin, 2009-09-28 22:09:35

Steven Peeler has kicked up a second blog post about the hybrid class system in Din's Curse:

I originally thought that we were going to have a couple of disadvantages by using a hybrid class system. In Depths of Peril, each of our classes had a distinct type of mana that worked differently. The warrior had rage, the rogue had momentum, the priest had faith, and the mage had mana. Each of the DoP classes also received different stat amounts per attribute point. Warriors get more damage per point of strength, rogues get more attack per point of dexterity, etc. These differences really helped each class feel and play a bit different. I was sorry to see that it looked like these types of differences might go away (and from some forum comments I'm not the only one).

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