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9Dragons: Peek #8 @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2006-08-03 22:59:00
RPG Vault's latest 9Dragons peek takes a closer look at questing.
The world of 9Dragons is complex and deep. Not only are there thousands of other players in it, plus a vast array of monsters and monster clans to battle, but there are also hundreds of other characters who need your help, or who can help you. The heart of the game is the quest system. It is part of the universal power of the yin and the yang that you must both help others and be helped by them.

When you are just a new, weak peasant, desperately struggling to survive in this hostile world, you may find that certain people will help you if you help them. Allow us to give you an example. In return for buying a poor old blind storyteller a libation or two, he may tell you stories about the clans and their masters. You can learn which clans are where, and what their fighting styles are like... very helpful if you have not decided yet which style you wish to master.
Source: RPG Vault

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