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GW Factions: Review @ GotFrag EXE

by Dhruin, 2006-08-03 23:01:00
A review of Guild Wars: Factions from the perspective of an action site can be found at GotFrag Exe. The score is 88% and here's an introductory snippet:
After playing Guild Wars for a while, I can now understand how even busy people can have time to play. Guild Wars represents a paradigm change from the standard model of "pay to play" gaming world. That's right, there is no monthly fee! A lot of people might wonder how such a model for a could be profitable, but if you read Jason Baker's preview on Factions, you'll know that the developers have a different way of looking at things. They believe that gamers want to play a variety of games, so they've structured their model to allow it.

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