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Alpha Protocol - Mike Thornton Twitter Feed

by Dhruin, 2009-09-30 23:49:56

Looking around for information on the status of Alpha Protocol, the official forums reminded me of the Mike Thornton Twitter feed, written by Chris Avellone.  It's still being updated and - with just a dash of appropriate spy-ish paranoia - it's easy to see a hidden commentary on the current situation.  See what you think, reading from the bottom up:

  • Should know if the virus worked within the next 24 hours when they return my PDA.
  • They took my PDA to upgrade the software, so I placed a virus on it - when it's hooked up to the mainframe, I'll have full server access.
  • PDA got confiscated... again. Place should be called Omerta Protocol. Am hacking into Darcy's computer in the interim.
  • One doctor said my symptoms are "even less of an illness than the traditional version of the illness" - whatever that means.
  • Looks like the initial level of tests were more challenging than the doctors thought, so medical's keeping me for another day.
  • Been in infirmary all week, should be out tomorrow if the doctors sign off on the release. We'll see how the tests go.
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