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Fallen Earth - First Impressions @ MMORPG.com

by Myrthos, 2009-10-02 21:50:10

MMORPG.com looked into Fallen Earth and came up with their first impressions on the game.

Onto the game; congratulations you’re level 40. You can stop playing here….or jump right into the game. This is actually quite a clever move; it allows the player to learn the game for most intent and purposes you’re virtually invulnerable. It gives you the chance to learn the controls and game mechanics without the pressure of dying. Players begin in a compound located in the Hoover Dam, one of the last bastions of humanity. Your first goal is to escape from this compound. The escape sequence doubles as a brief tutorial for the game. This tutorial will introduce essential skills such as interacting with your environment, equipping yourself, the basics of combat. (Both ranged and melee) and vehicle usage. My first ride on the in game ATV should really result in me having my driver’s license suspended. Additionally players will be exposed to their first usage of Advancement Points, more on that in a bit. By the end of the “tutorial”, I was equipped with an axe, two knives, two pistols and a rife. I looked pretty damn suave running around with all that gear in their six weapon slots. Not a bad little combination for battling the denizens of a post apocalyptic world. In spite of all your gear and best efforts, you will die. Don’t feel bad, it’s just part of the story. After the “tutorial” section of Fallen Earth you will be thrust into the true game play.

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