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Fable 3 - Preview @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2009-10-05 21:40:30

CVG reprints a Fable III preview from Xbox360World.  Here's a sample:

Overthrowing a king is a lot like a general election. People make pledges they aren't going to keep - even if they intended to keep them at the time - as they tour the country, shaking the Great Unwashed by their smelly proletarian hands. The first half of the game has you doing exactly that: going up to Albion's general public and promising to make their lives better when you become king or queen - in return for them lending a hand in the fight to attain it. You'll be able to shake their hands, too, thanks to the game's new touchy feely expression system. But we'll get round to that in just a moment... [...]

The expression system has been removed, replaced with something called 'Touch'. Rather than farting, Cossack dancing or clucking like a chicken (which would seem a bit odd as the ruler of Albion) you'll now hug, snog or shake people by the hand.

Apparently, this is because Lionhead "didn't feel like there was a connection in Fable II. The characters felt separate from the world." So you'll now be able to hold anyone's hand, for instance, taking a loved one to a cliffside to watch the beautiful sunset, or dragging a cute child from a burning house - reassuring the brat afterwards with a soppy hug. Lionhead are calling this 'Dynamic Touch'. "Imagine being able to embrace your own child," Peter said, explaining the concept. Well... we'd rather not embrace anyone else's.

MTV thinks this new Touch system is designed for (surprise) Microsoft's Natal controller:

"Do you really think, knowing me, as maybe you do over the years, I wouldn't want to use something like Natal?" Molyneux said in an interview with Game Kings. "I mean, that's just mad, man."

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