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Cyclopean - Writing Sample

by Dhruin, 2009-10-05 21:43:57

A new writing sample for Cyclopean titled Clockwork is available:

My friend Sigmund and I had for many weeks on our way to school taken a lengthy detour on Hauptstrasse to stop outside the old shop.  The ancient fieldstone building gave an impression of sagging everywhere, as if in despair of its smart redbrick neighbours and the newly cobbled street, but despite this some merchant had decided to move in.  We would press our faces against the tiny panes of leaded glass, but had so far observed nothing more than the back of a cracked leather curtain.  

Today however, there was a change:  the barest crack between the rotted leather hangings.  Shifting my head every which way to take advantage of the still feeble light, I was able to discern a few obscure shapes within:  tables, shelves, a doorway, and a single antique mantel clock, displayed in such a way that I was certain I had the answer.

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