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PotBS - Expansion Interview

by Myrthos, 2009-10-06 21:33:26

In an interview CEO Russell Williams and Associate Producer Janice Von Itter explain what they are doing in the upcoming expansion of Pirates of the Buring Sea.

For quite some time, Flying Lab Software has been refining and improving upon the core of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Then, at PAX, they announced their first major expansion pack - Power and Prestige – which marks a shift in development towards new, themed content. FLS CEO Rusty Williams and Associate Producer Janice Von Itter recently discussed this announcement with MMORPG.com.

Everything in this free update – due out next year – revolves around its title. They want to make players feel more important, more legendary. And what’s more legendary than being a governor of a port?

That’s the core feature of Power and Prestige. Players can submit themselves for the post and then must campaign within the game to secure the votes of other players. Whoever wins the voting is declared the governor for a period of time and put in charge of the port’s economic and defensive decisions.

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